Barrelhead Rums

Aged in custom barrels made from New England Oak, Maple, Ash, & Cherrywood, Barrelhead Rums deliver a rich, sippable depth and complexity beyond their years.

Coming soon: batch info and cocktail recommendations. We’ve been hard at work getting these amazing rums into bottles. Now we’re catching up on providing all the behind the scenes info here.

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Joe’s Pond Gin

Our very first spirit on the market is our highly sippable gin. Named in honor of that central Vermont institution of relaxation and outdoor life, our Joe’s Pond Gin is a harmonious blend of the robust and the delicate: sweet juniper on the entry that gives over to citrus and spice, developing a delicious fruit note on the back end. Each sip finishes clean and lingers refreshingly.


Copper clad still and wooden barrel
Sunshine illuminates a green field of Tulsi shoots
Sun-lit field of bright orange calendula flowers in full bloom

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