We go out of our way to work with partners who share our commitment to doing things simply, honestly, and well. Whenever possible, we source our ingredients close to home. Fortunately, Vermont is one of the best places you could ask for to do just that.

Our friends at Zack Woods Herb Farm and Free Verse Farm & Apothecary provide many of the local botanicals that define our sippable Joe’s Pond Gin. Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea cold brews the Colombian coffee in every bottle of our Coffee Rum.

Our custom barrels are made just across Lake Champlain in New York from New England hardwoods–harvested from Pennsylvania, through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Our hybrid pot still & fermenters were built to order by Trident Stills of Maine.

As for our fermentable materials, rum must come from sugar cane, which isn’t easy to come by in Vermont. So we’re proud to have found an American source of fine turbinado sugar & blackstrap molasses in Louisiana. And we’re just beginning to produce our whisky, which will be from 100% Vermont grains.

Field of sunlit calendula
Field of sunlit tulsi
Shiny copper still