Barrelhead Rums

Our flagship Barrelhead Rums begin as rich, flavorful Louisiana turbinado sugar & blackstrap molasses. We painstakingly selected just the right rum yeast to bring out the dark, complex notes of the molasses.

But the real secret to the depth & character of our Barrelhead Rums is our custom made New England hardwood barrels. The staves along the sides of each barrel are made from traditional oak. The barrelheads are made from hardwoods rarely used with spirits: cherrywood, sugar maple, and ash. Each wood imparts a distinctive flavorful character to the rum it touches.

Maple & Ash Barrelhead Rum is a vatting of two different custom barrelhead types. The sugar maple imparts a delicate sweetness and round creaminess to the first sip, while the ash lends a light smokiness reminiscent of a good Scotch.

Tasting notes: A rich aroma of toffee & toasted wood on the nose, evolving into butter-toffee and butterscotch with a silky mouthfeel. Finishes with a delicate note of sweet smoke.

Batch #1: aged at least one year in 15 gallon barrels #008 & #009 with Oak staves & Maple barrelheads vatted with #010 & #011 with Oak staves & Ash barrelheads, barreled at 140.7 proof.

Cherrywood Barrelhead Rum aged a minimum of one year in barrels made with New England Oak staves and Cherrywood barrelheads.

Tasting notes: Toasted wood dominates the nose with hints of stonefruit and wine. The flavor is burbonesque, with elements of dried fruit and spice on the end of each sip. Finishes clean, with lingering fruit.

Batch #1: aged at least one year in 15 gallon barrels #006 & #007 with Oak staves & Cherrywood barrelheads, barreled at 140.7 proof.

Old Route Two Barrlehead Rum bottles

Coffee Rum

Old Route Two Coffee Rum is a crowd-pleaser. We put full strength rum & full strength coffee in one bottle. The same rum from our Barrelhead series is brought down from barrel proof to bottling strength using only Colombian cold brew coffee from local roasters.

The flavors meld seamlessly and compliment each other perfectly. One of our favorite surprises when we blended these together is that the cold brew coffee brings out the rich chocolate notes found in the Louisiana blackstrap molasses from the very beginning of the fermentation process for the rum.

Tasting notes: A fine oaky aroma combined with the distinct aroma of fresh coffee, with elements of pecan and peanut in the background. Incredibly smooth mouthfeel, with the rum and coffee flavors blending seamlessly, leaving a delightful nutty linger long after the initial sip.

Serving suggestions: Enjoy as a pre-made cocktail straight from the bottle; add a splash to your favorite coffee drink or hot chocolate; drizzle over vanilla ice cream. Makes a great variation on a High Horse cocktail.

  • Coffee Rum Batch #1: from 15 gallon barrels #004 & #005, custom made from pure oak, and stored at 140.7 proof.
Coffee Rum bottle

Joe’s Pond Gin

Our very first spirit on the market is our highly sippable gin. Named in honor of that central Vermont institution of relaxation and outdoor life, our Joe’s Pond Gin is a harmonious blend of the robust and the delicate: sweet juniper on the entry that gives over to citrus and spice, developing a delicious fruit note on the back end. Each sip finishes clean and lingers refreshingly.

Our gin is unusual in that it begins with our turbinado sugar & molasses white rum as the base spirit. We distill the rum a third time, incorporating our painstakingly selected recipe of botanicals, many grown on local farms. The resulting spirit is the perfect ingredient in any classic pre-Prohibition cocktail, and a uniquely versatile spirit that works equally well in both rum & gin cocktails.

Joe's Pond Gin bottle

Classic cocktails perfected with Joe’s Pond Gin